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"My session with Kelley was meaningful and fun! She has a way of presenting what she is reading and receiving in a way that is evocative and filled with lush imagery. Many things she shared I had felt or knew or experienced, but her insight and reflection helped me see things in a new way or a different way. Her clear vision made my experience clearer. It was like she helped me put together the pieces of a puzzle that was just randomly scattered about. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my journey -both the short and long-term journey of my life from my session with Kelley. I am so grateful and would highly recommend a session (or many) with her."


I started working with Kelley about two months ago because I felt stuck in different areas of my life and it seemed I couldn’t get past a certain ceiling. Well, to keep this short and concise, this is what has happened after only a few sessions:

I found peace after years of being in turmoil about a breakup - I am allowing my heart to stay open and surrender to what life sends my way, including my feelings (I was used to closing myself and suppressing a lot of feelings). I know again what it means to feel joy and love, and how to let good things in!

I feel more stable emotionally and less co-dependent on others, and I’m learning to trust my feelings.

I landed my biggest business deal ever since I started my business (7 years ago), just two weeks after working with Kelley on my mechanism which prevented good things from “landing” and staying in my system - and I know it’s because of the work we did.

I feel more alive and connected to life and my surroundings than ever before.

What has really struck me, being new to this kind of work, is that after working on certain things in the sessions with Kelley I didn’t have to “try” to keep the changes that I perceived happening during the session. It is something that stays and that actually has the power to shift thought patterns and behavioral mechanisms automatically that I hadn’t even been aware of or wasn’t able to change through my own willpower. I can’t thank Kelley enough and I can’t wait to see what else is going to unfold and become better thanks to this path I’m walking on with Kelley!!


Kelley has the unique gift of tuning in to her clients in such a way that it seems she is reading exactly what their subconscious needs help expressing to their thinking mind. I worked with Kelley at a time of confusion and blockage in my personal, professional and emotional life. She helped me reconnect with myself, create awareness and unravel the internal belief systems that were at play, keeping me small and playing it safe. I’ve since acted on those awarenesses and am finding greater expansion as a result. Most importantly though I am learning to have the faith to follow my own intuition and forge my own path. I’m grateful for the space Kelley held for me and the confidence I received from our session together. Thank you Kelley!

~Anastasia G.

Kelley has an incredibly grounding presence. I was amazed and struck at how she quickly guided me to the heart of the matter in our session. She brought clarity and insight into an area of my life that I was avoiding or couldn’t reach on my own.