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What is it exactly that you do?

I am an intuitive energy coach. (Yes Kelley, but what does that mean?) It means that instead of having to talk it out for 10 years, we can take a deep effective shortcut. Your inner world (limiting beliefs, sense of worth, unresolved grief and trauma) show up in your outer world in the form of what’s going on in your home. Through the energetic examination of what is showing up over and over again in your home (clutter, and endless plan to “get organized” that never materializes, unfinished projects and even burst pipes and leaky roofs) we can go beyond the confines and resistance of the conscious mind. Through our work together we approach what is showing up for you on a subconscious level. Because we are tapping into what is underneath the thoughts and patterns, we are meeting your needs on a much deeper level.

Why the home?

We all like to play chicken with the things that feel out of alignment, often until we are forced to do something about it.  By using the home as a reflection of our inner being, it becomes less personal.  We are able to see it more clearly because it is outside of ourselves, therefore more accessible.

Do you only hold people feeling stuck around their home?

No, I am able to address any issue that comes up, the home is just a very simple way to inform what is happening in the energetic body.

How does the home relate to what is going on inside of me?

How we do one thing is how we do everything. Yikes!  I know… right?!?  If we can see what is going on in our lived expression, we can free up energy within our systems so we can live more in joy and flow.  As within, so without.

What can I expect during a session?

We will chat for about 10-15 min about what you are called to in your home. And then we will drop into a guided meditation where we will explore what it is informing in your energetic body.  By observing the correlation, we can free up energy and increase flow in your life

Will you be in my home?

The beauty of energy work is that you can be anywhere and I can access your energetic body. Our sessions will be held over the phone, so you can release any idea that I would be judging you or your space.  I am able to help you reclaim your energy and create beautiful flow within your life.  That is my deepest joy!

How long are sessions?

The sessions are approximately 45-75 minutes.  How long each session will be will depend on the individual.  I recommend allocating an hour and a half just to give yourself spaciousness to go where you need to go for clarity and to give you time to integrate after.

How often do I need to have a session?

I am a firm believer in self regulation.  Some people reap the benefits of having weekly sessions, while others have a single session and like having more space to sit with what has settled in their system.  If I get an intuitive hit that you may benefit from a session, I may give you a gentle nudge.  Otherwise, I trust that you will know when it is time to reach out to me. 

What is the exchange for sessions?

Single Session- $100

3 Session Deep Dive- $275

6 Session Full House Sweep - $525

"Add My session with Kelley was meaningful and fun! She has a way of presenting what she is reading and receiving in a way that is evocative and filled with lush imagery. Many things she shared I had felt or knew or experienced, but her insight and reflection helped me see things in a new way or a different way. Her clear vision made my experience clearer. It was like she helped me put together the pieces of a puzzle that was just randomly scattered about. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my journey -both the short and long-term journey of my life from my session with Kelley. I am so grateful and would highly recommend a session (or many) with her. "

~Sidra G

Let's make something beautiful together.