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The Full Experience

Welcome and thank you for participating in the Flip the Script Experience. It is my absolute pleasure to be your guide! As you make your way through this experience, please reach out if you have any questions or wish to connect further. 1:1 sessions are available if you wish to take you work to a deeper more personalized level.


Our most intimate relationship is with ourselves. Shouldn't we hold our own truths about how we feel about ourselves? You get to powerful is that?


Those around us reflect our deepest understanding of ourselves. Nothing brings out how we see ourselves more than being in relationship. Let us be informed by the energetics of others.


We are all impacted by racism. Sadly, it has become a part of our national identity, but have we ever considered how deep of a chasm it creates within our energetic system. Let's explore how we can fortify our systems in the face of racism.


Oh, the glorious exploration of pleasure. How good can we allow it to be? Our desires are necessary. Let's explore how to allow more pleasure to flow through our lives.


One of the most foundational ways to bring joy into our lives is through our homes. When we can rest back into our external creation, we are allowed to flourish. Let's see how comforted we can be!