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Have you ever stopped for a minute to reflect on how remarkable the story of an individual life is?  I had a moment last night where I reflected on all of the events that changed the course of my reality and how my life connected with other people to change their reality.  All of us contributing to our individual stories.  Life is such a mysterious multifaceted experience.  We are created in the womb of our grandmothers carried within the ovaries of our mothers sewing the seed of our lives before our mothers are birthed.  A multigenerational learning before we were even a thought.. or were we?  We grow in the wombs of our mothers and before we take our first breaths, we are informed be their mindset, how they take care of their bodies and the circumstances that they are living under.  Molding and shaping our perspective so we can be prepared for the world that will greet us.  We come into the world and are mostly shaped by our family units and their reality becomes our reality until we leave home.  We are no longer dictated by our parents rules, we have choice.  Who do we hang out with? What will we do with our time?  Will we conform or will we buck the system?  Those choices make up our epic journey of life.  If you think of the myriad of choices in a day, it is staggering to think of the number of possible choices that can be made in a lifetime.  We are always choosing.  

When I think of the twists and turns the have brought me to this moment, I am in awe of what I have been able to accomplish form my humble beginnings.  Won a modeling contest when I was more accustomed to sweats than high heels.  Moved to New York at 16.  Lived in Europe for 2 years.  Had a life changing accident at 22.  I have traveled to 5 of the 7 continents, dined with a president, walked the Inca trail.  Married to a former athlete…when I had sworn off dating athletes.  Became a mother of 3, became a tennis lover, even though I didn’t pick up a racquet until I was 40.  Learned how to read energy, making the biggest evolutionary leap for myself and my lineage.  All the while being a seeker, dreamer and lover of life.  I cannot fathom how I have done all of the things that I have done and I cannot wait to see what more life has in store for me.  

The most amazing thing is that other people have their own great stories. We all have epic journeys. And who are any of us to classify what makes one journey more valuable than another.  The husband that works 60 hours a week and still makes time to coach his children’s games because he loves watching them thoroughly enjoy their childhoods is equally as compelling as the woman who hikes solo because she has no desire to conform to societal norms for women.  How we measure the value of their lives has more to do with us than them.  

I would love to think that we are moving toward a world where we begin to marvel and wonder about the lives of others.  Even the people that we disagree with have a story to tell and yes, I may never get close enough to hear it because my story not longer involves “figuring out” why you don’t like me, but there is a story.  We are all remarkable because we have been birthed into this plane, at this time, under these circumstances.  And this moment in time will become another thread that creates the tapestry of our all of our lives.

So as you face another hardship or heartbreak, do not forget to marvel in the remarkableness of your life.  The bumps and bruises, the exhaled joy.  It is all beautiful, because it is what makes you you.

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