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Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

When I walk by the clutter,  that is scattered across the various surfaces in my home, I feel agitated.  I have moved it off of the countertops a hundred times only surface again.  Why is that? It's not the lack of mental desire for tidiness that is at play, it is the lack of true alignment. We have all heard the stories of lottery winners losing all of their money a few years after their win.  Even though they had manifested the money into their bank account, their energetic body was not aligned with having so much, so they subconsciously found a way to let it all go.  It is the same thing with our desires for our home.  We can want to live as minimalist or do a clean sweep for the 100th time, if we are not aligned with the shift, the clutter will return.  So, what do we do?…we approach it from a different level.  

The work that I do brings people into alignment with their deepest desires and homes take shape with ease because we are truly open to it. I would love to help you break the clutter cycle and to truly align with your home's greatest potential.

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