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I used to think of delays as an annoyance.  I took them personal as if God was trying to keep me from the joys in life.  I’d curse my luck, thinking that it was some sort of personal defect that drew the occurrences to me.  In some ways it was.  I would put the thoughts and emotion behind my “unluckiness” and low and behold, it would happen.  In the last year, I have settled into a place of softness that allows life to just happen.  I don’t need to know all of the details or get worked up over my perceived inadequacies, I can just be.  

I am in Portland as we speak.  A call for help came and I put aside my fears and went.  I have been able to be of service for the people that I love.  And I have been able to have the kind of love that we are lacking at the present moment.  I didn’t know how much I actually needed to be with my people and they needed me in return.  I have been able to relive the early days with my children by loving and nurturing two of the sweetest boys on the planet.  I have been able to take care of a momma in desperate need of rest.  I have been able to give counsel to my nephew who has become such an amazing man and to witness sweet, heartwarming moments between him and his family.   

Delays are not a nuisance, they are the extras.  The extra time for giggles and snuggles.  One more morning for two weary parents to sleep in.  The extra time to appreciate my loving family on the other end without getting caught up in the swirl of travel. I will make it home tonight…at midnight on Valentines Day.  My beautiful husband will be waiting for me.  And there is no doubt that it will happen with divine timing.  I am not unlucky, I am incredibly blessed, even in the delays. Life is always working in our favor. 

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