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As I sat the other day watching Coco be Coco, it dawned on me....Archie is like Harold. Steady and even, not needing much to make him happy. He just wants to be close to someone that loves him and he doesn’t really need to go out much. And I am like…Coco…wild, vegetable and fruit loving, always wanting to be outside and always pushing the boundaries. I laughed myself silly at this awareness. When I shared this awareness with a friend, she pointed out that it is me that mostly wants to tame her...too muchness. Harold is fine with her antics (much like he is fine with mine). I try to control her, I dislike when she doesn’t listen and I wish she was more like Archie, content with very little. I tend to do the same with myself in comparison to Harold. I have hid so much of who I am away to fit in, to please…who knows who. And still my beautiful nature loving witchy ways seep through the cracks. This awareness allowed to let go of trying to make Coco and myself something “palatable” for others. I love myself, as I do my beautiful girl, we are healthy messes. I will never be wrinkle free. Hell I wouldn’t want to be wrinkle free anyway. When we judge, we are usually seeing aspects of our selves that we don’t love, but could if we didn’t reflexively reject them. With ease and grace we can look closer at our preferences. Teasing out the ways that we see ourselves through others. I am grateful for Coco, she is helping me to let go. To just be free…to just be me.

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