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Keep Going…

If you couldn't tell, I am starting a new business adventure. This morning, I thought about the things that I have wanted to do in my life and how those ideas never left the corridors of my mind. I'd thought through how hard it would be, why it wouldn’t work and let the dream die before it even had a chance to see the light of day. I have started workout programs and started to feel strong, but let an injury or the lack of progress deter me and I stopped going.
In this time of great awakening we are being shown all of the ways that we are not showing up in this life. I'm not sure if it was Covid showing us that we are not guaranteed another day or the fact that I had a breast cancer scare, but this year I am determined step more fully forward. So you what if my past efforts have given me mountains of evidence that things won't work out. I have learned to mourn the past, let all of the tears and anger surface, but just keep going. Seeing the number on the scale after months of hard work, I am not deterred, I just lace up my tennis shoes again. I have put out offerings to the song of crickets, I just keep writing, doing my work and offering anyway. Struggling to get things going is not always easy, but so is letting your unique contribution to the world die with you.
So, this year is my year to keep going. How each of us as individuals defines success is the most important thing. I have allowed my gifts to leave my grasp and take flight I have put my words out into the world. I have offered my gifts to others. And more importantly, I have just…kept…going.
I have started a new facebook group (Embodied Home) for those interested in taking a deeper dive with me. I have so much gratitude for those that have already joined. Your presence is so incredibly uplifting!

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