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The Power of Patterns…

As we move through life, we are often moving in patterns that were created by the ideologies of other people. Wether it’s our parents, school or trauma, we create ways of existing that minimize friction. In our myopic view, it is very hard to shift out of these patterns. Mostly because they are too close to see them.
What I do in my work is to help you move out of the stickiness of those patterns into a much more fruitful way of being. When we do that, we are able to create flow. Flow is the state of moving with ease. When you are no longer feeling stuck, you are able to make shifts in your reality that you would have never been able to before .
We are starting to wake up to the idea that life in not just a cumulation of what we see in our 3D reality. The energy that flows in and through everything plays a bigger part of that reality. When we are solely focused on the 3D, we dismiss the flow of life underneath it. What I have found is that when you shift the energy under your current reality, everything changes. We are being pulled by these unconscious patterns anyway, so shouldn’t we work with them for our benefit.
In my work, I hold space for people to look at their lives on a deeper level. By using your home as an access point, we are able to see clearly where the blocks are. We all want to feel expansive in our homes. To be held in a loving embrace by the spaces that we ask so much of is foundational to our emotional wellbeing.
It is amazing what can happen when we make minor adjustments. I have literally made life long changes from a single session. One of the best things is that they are done over the phone, so you can be comfortable with exploring what is going on for you without worrying that I will judge you for a messy kitchen. Not that I would, we all have our messes.
I am truly honored to help people to have the lives and homes that they truly desire. Life is always shifting, let's add a little ease to it.
I have created a facebook group, Embodied Home, for those that would like to take a deeper dive with me. I am also opening space for 5 new clients. And as always, I can make room for a 15 minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

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