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Sticks and Stones..

My husband and I were talking the other day and one of the things that he said struck a chord. He said “I have to be careful what I say to you because words go in and they get stuck.” I laughed and said “Oh my gosh, I literally just recognized that about myself”.

I have been in a dance with words and how words have shaped so much of how I perceive myself. My energetic body is like slime words stick and slowly become enmeshed in the fabric of my being.

My mind is also very active. When I chose to do something, I often sift through my mental rolodex bringing up scenes from the past or plausible scenarios to figure out if it’s a good idea or not. Trying make decisions based on what the brain perceives is futile. The ego’s only purpose is to keep us safe, so it will always opt for the familiar. Even if the familiar lacks joy or growth. Another problem with moving from memory is that mental moments have no safety in them. So, what I’ve been doing is replaying the same traumas further embedding fear into my system.

This week what I began to do is to actively write down the words that come with those scenarios. Words have power. My husband has said that the person who created the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt” you was completely wrong. Words have the power to edify or tear down... especially if you hold onto them. As we move closer to the new year, I am actively releasing those words from my body. As feel the density of the word tangle releasing, I am replacing them with the words that I chose for myself. When we choose our words wisely we input our desires and reshape our reality. I am stepping into a new level of abundance and am gifting myself the words that empower and uplift me. These new words are helping me catch the draft to the new heights that I desire to go.

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