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Sacred Space…

When we were in the planning stages of our renovation I knew that I wanted to create a space for meditation. Not only that, I wanted that space to be a place of rest for me. As someone that feels A LOT, it is really hard for me to separate myself from everyone else's emotions. I tend to try and process everything for everyone which leaves me burnt out. I knew that I needed a sacred space where I could just be.

We moved into our home 3 weeks before the pandemic hit and just tried to get settled into our space and our new reality. The room that I had dedicated to myself sat dormant long after the time that we needed to adjust. I closed the door on it and besides dropping a random item that was unpacked from the never ending pile of boxes I never enter the space. Life went on, as it does and I never thought anything about it.

I came across a friends post with an offering on how to bring more abundance in your life. It caught my eye, but I felt like I was already abundant, so this can't be for me. The second time it came across my feed and I felt a gentle nudge, I knew that it was something I should look into. When I started the class, I found that it went for beyond financial abundance. I saw how all of life is inherently abundant. The gifts that we are constantly being given are beyond mind boggling. It showed me the ways that I was not relishing in the abundance that I had been gifted. My sacred space happened to be one of them.

In holding myself back from the goodness of my creation, I was holding myself back from something that I truly needed. I wasn't meeting my own needs. We do this for a myriad of reasons. Wether we have an upper limit that caps the flow good or we have pattern that reinforces our belief that we are unworthy. Life had been generous with me and I had turned my back on the gift.

Once I could see what I was doing, I began the joyous process of creating MY space. What a blessing. That space has held me through meditations, energetic healing sessions, drumming circles with my son and ecstatic dance. It holds space for my unique expression and I am truly grateful for it. I am also grateful to have seen how I blocked myself from accessing what I needed. No shame needed. We all do it. We can only see what we can see. Having people to point out how we are limiting life helps us to create more joy for ourselves. It's hard to believe that something as simple as creating a space for yourself can propel you into the next level of abundance, but it truly does. Small changes make big differences.

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