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Redefining the “Boss”…

Pre-pandemic, when we were all moving at warp speed, we were under the spell of societal norms. I was so disconnected from myself and my family just trying to squeeze one more event into our packed schedule. I like everyone else, was trying to make sure our kids were living their best lives. We were all individuals living in our own bubbles with little regard to the whole. As we have settled into this new reality, we have had to forge a new path.
Our lives look so much different than what we signed up for. I did not choose to homeschool my kids because I know that I do not have that gear. NO judgement, its just not what I chose for myself. Yet, here I am, teaching long division..the wrong way according to my 4th grader.
In a space of co-creation, we are able to see how we are bumping up against one another…its not always pretty. As a woman with a slight lean toward anal retention, I have had to let go of a lot of control. I catch myself not breathing sometimes as I watch cereal tumble across the kitchen counter…again. I have had to learn to communicate my desires and expectations from a place of clarity and not my wounding. I could take it personal when my boundaries are overstepped for the 50th time, or I can recognize that a dirty kitchen is not indicative of my shortcomings.
The mentors that I have worked with have prepared me for life and cereal explosions alike. It feels good to have the wherewithal to separate the corn from the shaft so to speak. We all could use a little more of that these days. Being able to sit in it all and be able to be ok feels amazing. So, how did I get there, I started with one thing. And that one thing led to the next one thing until I was able to gain a larger understanding of how my system is put together, my unique expression. Being able to work from my center has been paramount in me not feeling thrashed around by life. My ultimate desire is for everyone to feel the same.
Let’s do our best to remind ourselves on the regular that we are handling this thing like a boss. And while we are at it, let’s redefine what Boss means. Humaning, everyday is an amazing feat in itself. We are each living our lives to the best of our abilities. I hope that as we shift ourselves back into our new reality and life begins to pick up speed we will retain some of the things that this time has afforded us. Yes, a clean kitchen has shifted to the bottom of the priority list and that’s ok. At some point, we will have empty kitchens again. Try to see the gems that this time has gifted us…Life is still so good.

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