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Life in Favor..

I believe that life is always working in our favor. If we believe in that Truth, then we must also believe that everything that we are facing is directing us to a higher purpose. We are constantly divinely guided. It is so important to weed out the thoughts and patterns that solidify what we don’t want. While we cannot manipulate our life into creating what we want, we have to express our desires clearly. We must also be committed to doing the work that is necessary to get there. The universe is not an instapot, that pops out great meals in under 30 minutes. Sometimes we will have to put our hands in the soil. Harvest the fruit before we can even prepare for the feast. Knowing where we are in the process helps.

When we are uncomfortable, it is hard not to grasp for the solutions to our discomfort. Sometimes we must rest our hands on our hearts and bellies, sit back and allow ourselves to be guided and trust in that guidance.

I know that that is easier said than done. The times that I have been asked to trust have been SO hard. I am a doer, I want to make things What my ego wants (speed) and what my soul wants(gentleness) are mostly at odds. My ego has been able to force things to happen with great “success”, but I have found myself unable to sustain the pace creating burn out and feeling mostly unfulfilled. Over the years, I have had to learn to slow down and listen. My soul doesn’t scream like a drill sergeant, she whispers. When I hear her, she gives me all the information I need to move through life. You have that voice too.

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