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Judgement is deemed good when it confirms our point of view. When we had an instinct about something and life confirmed it. When judgment becomes a little bit more tricky is when we lose sight of the whole. I, just like anyone else is capable of making my point of view the only view. When we do that we refuse to see that life is the multifaceted kaleidoscope that it is.

People that I have viewed as “wrong” have been presented to me from various angles in various ways that have had me question why i am holding on so hard to my opinions. I would hate to be judge based on one aspect of who I am.

There are no mistakes in creation. It is our duty, as conscious beings, to question. To constantly challenge our solo perspective. When we refuse to see life as multifaceted we fix ourselves into a pattern of safety. Safety feels good. Safety, above all, feels safe but at the end of the day safety may not always garnish the truest perspective.

As we walk through these challenging times. I hope that everyone will take the time to examine their biases. We are all human first. When we can look at people with compassion, we can forgive so much. This is not to say that I will let your humanity harm me, I will just be more understanding when I see the pain that you carry surface.

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