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When I was 29, I lost a friend in a snowboarding accident. Never had the fragility of life been presented to me so clearly. Every since that moment, I have had a hard time even thinking about snowboarding, especially since i’ve had kids. It became a thing that i used to do and i have never looked back.
In the last month, I have had the nudge to ride again. The absolute freedom and joy that snowboarding used to give me was so absent from my spirit. Sure, I had my fears but it just kept calling.
Today I took my son snowboarding for his 10th birthday. We had a blast. It feels like a reclamation. Life is fragile and life is to be lived. I am tired and sore, but my soul is so joyous. I love life…I love having a human experience. Don’t be too scared, too old or too anything to live your life.

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