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Who am I?

Your cosmic tour guide

I often get asked, "What exactly do you do?" Besides being a mother to three amazing kids and a loving wife, I am an Intuitive energy coach. Explaining what an energy coach is can feel very nebulous. When I first began to learn about the concept, I could feel and sense what it was more than I could explain it. At its core, I had a deep understanding that this was not a modality for the brain to use to work out problems, it created new pathways on a soul level that could change your perception of reality.

One of the truest things that I know as an energy coach is that I am not healing anyone. I am to step out of the way, be a clear conduit so I can guide you to heal YOURSELF. It is awe inspiring to witness people come home to themselves in ways that they never have before. I am truly honored to walk this path for me and for anyone else that is ready to super charge their life. 2020 has been quite the year for all of us. We can focus on what has gone wrong, but also their are things that have gone tremendously...Right.

As we prepare to take the leap into 2021, I would love to offer sessions to anyone that desires clarity as we leave 2020 behind us. I would be honored to be your cosmic tour guide into the reality that you are longing to create.


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