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Direct your Flow…

The final piece of the puzzle

We moved into our home at the end of February this year. We had been in transit for two years and were eager to get settled. When we moved in, half of the house was still not finished, but we were so incredibly happy to be home, we settled in anyway. When the pandemic hit, we (like everyone else) had to adjust to a new financial reality. We were still doing fine, but some of the opportunities that my husband had vanished almost overnight.

We had been on a renovation express train and it had to pull into the station indefinitely. We were slowly able to finish the second half of the house in the summer, but had to put any exterior house plans on hold. One of the projects that hit the back burner was the gutters. Yes, I know...gutters are important. They direct the water away from the house, but more importantly, they direct flow. We can see how we are flowing in life, based on how we are riding the waves of change. When we are in tune and moving WITH life, we have ease. When we are not, it feels like driving in New jersey bumper to bumper traffic... lots of starts and stops, not feeling like you are getting anywhere at all.When I look at all of the decisions we made during the renovation to harness our flow, its funny to me that we stopped short of doing the gutters. We spent a small fortune putting underground drainage pits in the yard after removing a pond and then did not tie the gutters into them. We literally have a swamp in the back yard every time it rains substantially.

Containing the abundance that is flowing in your life is grounding. Directing our flow where we can contain it instead of having it leak all over the place is imperative. Energetic leaks, financial leak, emotional leaks all can stymie our ability to live our lives to the fullest. It is no surprise to me that as we started to direct our flow...aka did the gutters, we did a deep dive into our finances. After three years renovating and moving as two individuals, we have combined our forces to plan our financial future. Until now, we have approached our finances like the separation of church and state. One hand not really knowing what the other is doing. Now that we are both energetically aligned with moving us forward with financial clarity, I can see how we are supercharging our efforts. Not only is our home having its flow directed, so are we. Our homes speak to us, they show us what needs to be done when we listen. I am looking forward to seeing how this small energetic upgrade impacts our life!#embodiedhome#intuitiveenergycoach#lifeisbeautiful

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